Bulletstorm Session Notes (part 1)

To start off with, the baddies in Bulletstorm sound like they all took voice lessons with the The Humungus.    So they’ve got that going for them.  Which is nice. When I take notes while playing a game I generally just scribble down whatever comes to mind in the midst of the experience: The action set [...]

Woolly Swamp 1: An SMBX Practice Level

(note: I just noticed that I spelled “woolly” wrong.  Live and learn.) I’ve got my first repetition in on the actual exercise of level design.  Using the Super Mario Brothers X level editor I constructed a short, but serviceable forest-y level called Wooly Swamp 1. Analysis and links after the jump. Before going into the [...]

Level Zero

My name is Ian and I want to make games–perhaps for a living.  I don’t reside close enough to a studio where I can get my foot in the door for on-the-job training, I have a family so going to a specialized school is out of the question, and I don’t really know anything about [...]