Why Choose Unity 3D? (Part 2)

(by Ian Strandberg) I’ve chosen to use Unity 3D more or less exclusively for my game development projects. I’m just getting started and that could change, but so far, I feel I’ve made the right choice. Essentially I believe that Unity makes it possible for me to come as close to being a one man [...]

Why Choose Unity 3D? (Part 1)

(by Ian Strandberg) As I’m making the transition to independent game development as a career I’m faced with plenty of choices about how I’m going to shape my future from here on out.  One of the things I know about myself is that I can’t be comfortable without backup.  Another thing I’ve learned is that [...]

I’m in the jungle! And, Unity is my tour guide

(by Greg Greene) Coroutines… Raycasting… Colliders, oh my! Those are just a few things I had to wrap my head around recently. You see, I’m entering the world of game programming. Or, more accurately, the world of Unity 3D game programming. The guys (and girls) at Unity Technologies in San Fran put together a decent [...]