Occasionally I run across sites or other sources that offer content useful to me as a game maker.  I’ll list them here.


Level Design

(Anything that might be helpful to the study or practice of level design that isn’t an article.)

Video Game Maps

100% Completion Runs (Google Video)

Speed Runs dot Net
Might be down — not looking good at the time of this posting.

Speed Demos Archive



Free 3D Assets

(These sites all provide primarily “free” 3D assets.  I use the non-air quotes there to indicate that while most of the assets are free to download, I’m a little wary of the origin of some of the content and I doubt these sites are checking each asset to make sure they have the right to distribute it.  If the origin of an asset is in question, always make an effort to see that you really have the right to use it.  I HAVE NOT used all of these sites.)

Blender Model Repository

Kator Legaz

Open Game Art

Share CG

Archive 3D


Asset Marketplaces

3D Models & Textures

The 3D Studio

BlueBrain 3D


Unity 3D Assets & Scripts

Unity Magic

(they have a variety of assets for other platforms as well)


Content Companies

DexSoft Multimedia


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