Level Zero

My name is Ian and I want to make games–perhaps for a living.  I don’t reside close enough to a studio where I can get my foot in the door for on-the-job training, I have a family so going to a specialized school is out of the question, and I don’t really know anything about it, so remote contracting is out too.  Also, there probably aren’t a whole lot of remote contract game designers in general.

I’m not entirely without capability, however.  I’ve developed a modest degree of skill and ability in practical and digital art, particularly sculpture and graphic design, and I’ve got a very basic grasp of programming (in non-game contexts).

The purpose of this blog is to catalog my efforts, learning, and whatever resources I discover for the benefit of others.  It is my hope that by giving what I’ve learned to others that I might make connections with other newly minted or more experienced game makers and that collaboration will be the result.

Don’t be shy.  Let me know you’re out there by commenting or e-mailing me from the contact form.





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